Monday, September 17, 2012 you :)

I know this might sound mean, but I am so glad Ms. Darian was healthy enough to go to school today. Whew!!! What a weekend! Stayed home Thursday and Friday with her, handful to say the least and the weekend was ok, we had to stay inside, it was soooo hot! I have to say, Darian is a trooper, she truly is. Friday and Saturday were the worst for her, but she kept trying her best to be in a good mood.  I think it was harder on me.  Mother's, disabled or not disable, our children are our life and seeing them sick is the worst thing that can happen to us.  I find myself wanting to get sick for her, but at the same time, she was fine.  Doesn't complain much, just wants attention like anyone else, the only thing with my baby is that she cannot tell me what's hurting or bothering her.  So it's a CONSTANT guessing game.  It's so frustrating and unbelievably draining!  Then I had a meeting with these unbelievably wonderful parents on Saturday.  We talked in lenght on how the law works in their child's favor and how NO ONE told them anything. Shocking? Not really. I'm so used to the same story.  I would love to have a workshop for parents who are receiving ABA therapy from Regional Center and prepare them for what's ahead.  Once your child turns 3 years old they are going to be transferred to the school district and guess what? They don't continue the therapy your child has been progressing with. How sad.  I wonder how many parents would rally with me to get the districts to realize the injustice of them not realizing that Autism is almost an epidemic and they need to do what's right? What's even more unbelievable is that ABA therapy works for every child, autism or not.  Although, children with Autism are on a spectrum and all of them have different levels of need, but if you have the right set up and the right people trained, it does wonders for everyone of them.  But no, they refuse, and not only do they refuse, they are arrogant about it. I have to say, not all districts, but Chula Vista District, absolutely.  Enough rant.  I will chip away at them with every family that comes to me for an education, I will make them realize that more and more parents are outraged.  It's not just me.  These beautiful children need this therapy to be able to have a chance of functioning in society one day.  It's absolutely necessary and the law agrees.  Back to my real job, the one that pays the bills! HAHAHA...


  1. Ok, so here's a thought. Why don't we launch your web site, have a section that will inform parents of their rights and what steps to take to be able to have the right kind of therapy their autistic child needs. Also, see if we can apply for a federal grant for Autism awareness, then we can use that money to create a better web site, set up a booth at the annual race, I'm sure you have contact all over, we can leverage them? I don't know if this would work, just trying to get your brilliant mind going as you will come up with a better plan/idea I'm sure. :)

    1. Sounds like a plan. I'll start researching the grant and also start writing steps on "how to transition to the public school system". Thanks! <3