Friday, September 28, 2012

Decision makers...outrageous

My heart is a little bit crushed this morning, a very good friend of mine has just lost custody of her boys (foster) :(...the oldest boy has autism with mental retardation...and as a mother with a child with severe autism, I can't understand why this happened to her.  She stepped up to the plate when no one else did to take these children into her home and adopt them, knowing she would probably struggle because of the boy's disability. She didn't care, she took him and has provided for his special needs for two years now.  He has a tendency to drop himself onto the floor when he doesn't want to do something, at times hurting himself.  This is the norm for children like him, they tend to hurt themselves, not on purpose, it's a consequence of their actions.  My baby Darian bites her left forearm when she gets upset, excited, doesn't matter, it doesn't bother her.  But it's something we are working on.  I have to say though, we prefer the biting of the arm, she used scratch her face bloody before the arm and believe me that was a horror for us to see!  But anyone who would see this, would probably think we were abusing her.  Thank God her teachers/therapist are well aware of this or we might be in trouble, like my dear friend.  I guess she should have sent a note to the school saying, my son has a bruise on his cheek because he refused to do therapy on the treadmill (to help with his walking) and as the treadmill was on he decided to let go and ate it!  But never would she have thought his teacher would not ask her what happened. Instead, he asked him and he wanting to go back to his great grandmother (who did not provide him with the structure he needed and let him watch tv all day eating junk) told his teacher his mom did it.  So immediately, by law, the teacher calls CPS and reports it, and in less than week, they remove the children from her home without even investigating properly!  I semi understand, but at the same time, 2 years, 2 whole years of these children receiving stability (services, counseling, etc.) in a loving home with moms who adore them, despite their traumatized short lives, and they take them away to separate them and put them in foster care.  My heart breaks for this family because this young child doesn't know any better and now all of them are going to pay for it.  They took the word of a young boy with autism and mental retardation who has a history of making up stories because he doesn't like therapy, structure and being held accountable for his actions, over a loving couple who has gone far and beyond to give them a good life.  It's the saddest situation, it's truly heart breaking.  Please say a prayer for them.  You can't even blame the child, he doesn't know any better.  I look at Darian and the things she has done to hurt herself because of the tremendous frustration she has to deal with because she can't communicate her needs.  When she has a horrible melt down, she tends to hit her thighs, she at times has slapped herself! I know, it's horrible! Of course we intervene and prevent her from doing this, but it's a terrifying thing to witness as a parent.  But it is what it is and I make sure to videotape it because of situations like this, when we as parents are immediately judged and one simple phone call from the wrong person can destroy her life and ours.  And what is even more outrageous is how Darian's teacher/abuser was reported to CPS and we still haven't heard from them, we couldn't get a call back, a report from them, nothing.  This means either they didn't give a crap or the school lied to us about reporting it.  I am going to investigate this and take all this information to a lawyer and see what I can do about it.  This teacher had no consequence, she is still teaching in the same classroom.  Our system is definitely broken and I am getting sick and tired of this.  These decision makers need to have consequences for their actions.  This is so outrageous!  I hope by me writing about this, will make parents aware of where they stand.  God help us. 

Picture below of Darian's arm (poor baby).

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