Thursday, September 13, 2012

It kills me!

Today I had to stay home with Darian, she has a nasty cold and giving her medication and trying to get that spray up her nose...what a joy! Hahaha.  Hopefully she'll feel better soon.  I was able to work, that's a plus! I got a phone call from a concerned parent regarding his 5 year old's progress in school, which is not good, good old Chula Vista District strikes again! It's unbelievable the nerve of this district to think parents are just plain stupid.  It just kills me that this goes on within my neighborhood.  Here is Madison, who has an IEP, but is not severe, on the contrary, she's receiving speech therapy and she's catching up.  Not only that, she was selected to participate in the GATE program, which is wonderful.  I believe there aren't any issues because she is not severe and she's easy to talk to.  Then you go to the other extreme with Darian who has severe Autism and they just could not handle her for the life of them! Unbelievable! Not only did they not handle her properly, but she got her ass kicked in the process.  Now I'm getting these calls from parents just like us bringing up the same exact issues from 5 years ago with my own daughter.  It's so sad this District cannot get with the program.  Honestly, it's not that hard, but they refuse to do the right thing, knowing what the right thing is, which is Applied Behavior Analysis.  Every other district does this, not this one, they are too arrogant to be proactive in any way shape or form.  I will tell you this, anyone reading this from Chula Vista, DO NOT allow your special needs child to attend VETERANS School, the Principal, OLGA WEST, is the most uncaring and arrogant individual I have ever met.  And TRACY CLIFTON, the monster who hurt our child is back in the same classroom, teaching children who cannot speak, let alone defend themselves against this horrible, horrible woman! Unbelievable! I am so outraged at this district and I am so close to exposing them for the injustice of the situation, for not accepting responsibility for their actions and not only that, for not caring if a special ed child progresses or not, a total glorified daycare center, that's what this district offers children with Autism.  I have a letter signed by the superintendent detailing what this horrible person did to Darian, she even had the nerve to say she was defending herself when she kicked my baby is the stomach as she lay on the floor having a meltdown! SHE WAS 5!!!! Now the District wants us to consider returning Darian to the public system, NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. They had their opportunity to do right by our child and they chose not to.  We refrained from suing them thinking they would do the right thing and fire this teacher, but no, they put her right back in exposing these innocent lives to this horrible monster!  I will do right by my child and by every other child to keep them safe and make sure districts give them the right placement.  I will do this until the day I die and God help anyone who gets in my way.  I will expose this woman, in time, I will do it because she does not belong in a room with special needs children or any other children for that matter.  UUUGGGHHHHH...ok, I need to stop now...go to my happy place, go to my happy place...there...gotta tend to my baby...until next time...


  1. Ok, I have two words for you TURKO FILES.
    Seriously, contact him, he will make sure to take this to the news... hopefully this will make them re-think who they hire. You have the evidence right? So, there is no way they can get out of this, I'd be surprised if they even grant Turko an interview.

    1. I time, I have to get my ducks in a row and get some legal advice, I might have to take legal action against them and her.