Monday, September 24, 2012

Story of Luke...

I am so excited and looking forward in seeing The Story of Luke  It will be interesting to see this movie and also have the open forum to talk to the director after the showing.  I was thinking about it all weekend as I watched Darian do her thing.  I had a nice time observing her and wondering what will become of her.  It's a scary thought and sometimes I almost have a panic attack thinking about her, but I can't let it get to me.  It is what it is and if she ends up with mommy and daddy for the rest of our lives, so be it.  I'm ready.  She is the most interesting human being I have ever met, I know she came out of my body, but seeing her in action and wondering what goes through that beautiful head of hers, blows me away! Everything she's been through, thank God, she has no memory of it.  I can't imagine what she felt when she was being hit by her teacher, the person she probably thought she could trust...I better stop!!! That part of her life is so completely outrageous, I can't go there right now.  It drives me insane with anger! Can't go there, not today...Looking forward to The Story of Luke, should be great!

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